xPizza Cube – Automated makeline
Sauce, Cheese, Pepperoni
3 ingredients
Smallest in the world
100 – 300 pizzas / hour
20″ wide
Adjustable volume
Watch how it works
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Cover 70% of Recipes
Top-3 Ingredients
xPizza Cube is capable of automating 70% of pizza recipes using three main ingredients: Mozzarella, Sauce and Pepperoni.
100% of pizzas
72% of pizzas
50% of pizzas
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For International Pizza Chains
We have a solution for high-volume kitchens serving 100+ pizzas per hour. Install 3 machines to start saving 70% of your staff's time
2 - 3 robots per restaurant
For Independent Brands
Making 50-100 pizzas per hour? 1 or 2 machines will cover your needs. Get the help you are struggling to find.
1 - 2 robots per restaurant
For Campuses and Stadiums
We recommend 3+ machines for pizzerias located inside college campuses and stadiums. Make 300+ pizzas per hour with just one operator
3 robots per location
For Catering and Food trucks
Operate a food truck or cater to various events? We got you covered. Order 2 machines and start making those pizzas faster even in the smallest footprint
1 - 2 robots per van
Your Configuration
Customize a solution that works for your business.
Support All Standard Sizes
From 8" to 16" pizzas and everything in between - xPizza Cube supports a variety of crust sizes.
Large Ingredient Containers
Refill in Just in a Minute
Our large food-grade containers are easy to replenish and clean. Made to last in a busy restaurant kitchen: drop test passed! Open the top door and replenish cheese, sauce and pepperoni in 60 seconds.
You don't need a qualified technician to help you with installation. Take it out of the box, plug in, adjust your recipes and start working. The machine will guide you through the process.
15 Minutes Installation
Just Plug in
Easy to Operate
With No Training
xPizza Cube is intelligent but simple. Choose one of the standard recipes or customize - all in matter of second. Double mozzarella? No sauce? You got it.
If a technical issue comes up, the machine will identify it and let our team know. An easy fix? We'll guide you through the process immediately. A bit more complicated? Your machine will be replaced with a new one.
Our Full Remote Support
24/7 Equipment Monitoring
xPizza Cube
Available for 2023 Q1
Available Now
In the United States
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