xPizza Cube – Automated makeline
Sauce, Cheese, Pepperoni
3 ingredients
Smallest in the world
100 pizzas / hour
20″ wide
14" cheese - 30 sec. per pizza
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Supported ingredients

Shredded or diced of any brand.
Any thickness, chunks are acceptable.
Pizza sauce
In sticks.
xPizza Cube supports - any cheese, any type of sauce and pepperoni in sticks only.
xPizza Cube in Action During Rush Hour
Kitchen schedule before xPizza Cube
The client was over scheduling for 5-6 hours even though they only needed workers during rush hours (2-3 hours a day).
After xPizza Cube implementation
xPizza Cube boosts productivity of your crew so they can handle rush hours with the same number of people you'd normally schedule for slower hours. The job of 3-4 people can now be done with 1-2 workers and xPizza Cube together.
Example of potential savings
1 pizza shop, Chain, Annual Sales $1M+
  • $5,850
    Direct payroll savings
    390 hours saved per month. Hourly rates vary from $11/hour to $19/hour.
  • + $889.44
    Savings on Cheese
    12 cases, $74.12 per case saved due to exact portioning and no food waste.
  • + $765.10
    Savings on Pepperoni
    Pepperoni sticks is 35% cheaper per slice than pre-sliced.
  • = $7,504.54
    Total Savings per month
Detailed Customer Case Study
xPizza Cube Successfull Installations
  • "I am excited about this technology as it will ensure culinary consistency in our pizzas, assist with labor shortages and allow our teams to better serve our guests" He was pleased to see that the robot met all standards and even remarked "This will enable our teams to effortlessly make pizzas that will rival any pizza chain!"
    Carl Lovett
    V.P. of Culinary for Fresh Ideas Food Management and Executive Chef
  • "The xPizza Cube brings fun guest engagement to dining operations and allows to effectively implement pizzas for catering events, retail and even pizza ghost kitchen concepts."
    Kris Lensmeyer
    Chief Innovation & Experience Officer for Fresh Ideas Food Management
  • "What is great about this solution is that it can be used in the front of the house as well in the back of the house and training is a breeze due to no pizza-making skills necessary to produce top-quality consistent pizzas."
    Bob Love
    President of 1FIIT Technologies.
  • "There are lots of great pizza topping robots out there, but xRobotics makes the process dead simple and easy to use. Set it on a counter, push a few buttons and bing-bong—you've got pizza. What I like about the Pizza Cube is that it can turn any restaurant, grocery store, convenience store, bar or whatever into a pizzeria."
    Chris Albrecht
    Founder, Editor OttOmate News
Exclusive Company Interviews: Insights from Our Team
"xPizza Cube is like having an extra person or two in the kitchen. I wish I had one of those [xPizza Cube] when I had my Dominos stores. It would have been great!"
Steve Green
PMQ Pizza Magazine
(Former Dominos Pizza Franchisee)
xPizza Cube Powered by Technology
No Food Waste
xPizza Cube portions ingredients precisely each time.
Improved Consistency
No need to worry about fluctuations in recipes. Your pizzas will look exactly how you want them to look.

Higher Customer Satisfaction
Let xPizza Cube work on toppings while your employees are focusing on what really matters - customer service.

Real-time Support
We provide real-time chat support when you need it most. No waiting on the line.
You'll be receiving inventory reports to track how much cheese, sauce and pepperoni your shop goes through. No need to count boxes anymore.
Record Every Pizza
You'll be able to see the videos from inside of the machine to monitor your product online. Know how many pizzas you've made on any given day, what your customers preferred and how busy your kitchen got.
Supported crust sizes Min 8" - Max 18"
Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions
    20"W x 31"H x 28"D
  • Electrical
    110V Outlet
  • Weight
    190 lbs (lift with 2 people for safety)
  • Connectivity
    Wi-Fi 2.4 / 5 GHz or Ethernet RJ45
xPizza Cube
Available for 2024 Q2 - 2024 Q3
Available Now
In the United States and Canada
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