Pizza Robot
Fast and affordable countertop pizza robot
  • Top class materials
    We use food grade NSF-certified and FDA-approved materials
  • Smallest footprint
    Our robot is 5 times smaller compared to our competitors. It fits into any kitchen
  • Most affordable
    It costs 3 times less than an average employee and does the job of 3-4 people
Problems we solve
  • Staff shortages
    COVID hit restaurant industry the most. It is almost impossible to find good crew members these days. The robot does the job of 3-4 full time employess
  • Inconsistent product
    Do your cistomer complain about the pizzas being inconsistent? Too much sauce? Not enough cheese? The robot makes every pizza exactly how you want it. No surprises
  • Raising costs of labor
    Fight for 15. Raising minimum wages. These things are great, but they leave restaurant owners with almost no profit. The robot costs as much as a 20 hours/week employee that shows up
  • Raising costs of food
    Average person over portions cheese by 1 oz. That results in food waste of $1,000-$1,500 per month. The robot is equipped with precise portion control
  • Long lines
    It's Friday night and the line at your place is long while more people are calling to place orders. The robot handles 100 pizzas per hour so nobody would have to wait long anymore
  • High stress
    Your employees are stressed out making thousands repetitive tasts per day. Let the robot do the job while people focus on customer service
What you'll get
  • Improved bottom line
    Expect $5,000-$7,000 more in profit each month: declined labor and food costs
  • Better customer experience
    Your customers will be getting a more consistent product faster
  • Piece of mind
    You won't have to worry about hiring and training as much as you do now
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